Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Shatter Dakota Johnson's Monologue on "Saturday Night Live"

Comedian Dave Chappelle unexpectedly appears in the last moments of the show, but he stays silent.

Jan 28, 2024 - 09:21
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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Shatter Dakota Johnson's Monologue on "Saturday Night Live"

Jimmy Fallon, host of "The Tonight Show," unexpectedly showed up on "Saturday Night Live," interrupting host Dakota Johnson's opening monologue while she joked around with Justin Timberlake, the musical guest for the evening.

Johnson began by stating that this was her first visit to Rockefeller Center's Studio 8-H since 2015. At that time, she had just wrapped up her historic 40th anniversary special as host of Saturday Night Live, which drew an audience full of celebrities, including directors Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Donald Trump—months before the latter launched his first successful presidential campaign. A picture of Johnson among those famous people flickered on the screen. Johnson did not single out Trump by name, but she made a joke at the controversial former president’s expense.

"Observe this group of individuals. As the camera panned in on Taylor Swift sitting next to Johnson in the 2015 picture, Johnson remarked, "It's crazy to be standing so close to someone who would become the most powerful person in America."

Sharp-eyed viewers quickly noticed comedian Dave Chappelle standing on the far right next to Jimmy Fallon during the customary "SNL" finale, where the cast and guests gather to bid the audience farewell. With a wide smile, he clapped and bowed to the audience, but neither Chappelle nor the others said anything about the comedian who has become controversial due to his unrepentant use of homophobic material in his stand-up routines.

Johnson made light of the fact that she is currently on a media tour in support of her upcoming Sony Pictures thriller "Madame Web" during her monologue. She mentioned that this has always been a constant in her life and that she typically doesn't enjoy interacting with journalists. Then, she triggered a video of herself as a preteen, rolling her eyes and having fun on a red carpet in the late 1990s as her father, actor Don Johnson, joked around with reporters.

After Johnson mentioned Timberlake as the musical guest for the evening, the pop sensation came out on stage and pretended not to understand that he was also supposed to host.

"I have hosted the show five times, so if you want me to be in sketches, that's fine," Timberlake said, raising his hand. In response to his apparent error, Timberlake cracked a risque joke referencing his 2006 hit song "SexyBack."

Timberlake joked, "First he was bringing sexy back and now he's bringing coming back." He paused, then shook his head and said, "Now that I've heard that out loud. That's when Fallon made an unexpected appearance and stormed onto the stage. The host of "Tonight Show" looked disco-tastic in a light-tan leisure suit from the 1970s with a wide lapel and puffed-up hair and a close-cropped beard in the manner of Barry Gibb. Fallon joked, "I'm here to say, break a leg."

Subsequently, Timberlake participated in his debut sketch, "The Barry Gibb Talk Show," in which Fallon made a comeback as Barry Gibb. Timberlake wore a similar suit but had longer feathered hair while portraying the younger Gibb brother, Robin, who passed away in 2012. With their characteristic diction, the Australian Gibb brothers spoke about the volatile state of American politics, with Trump likely to win the GOP nomination and seek a comeback to the White House after President Joe Biden defeated him in 2020.

Regarding "Weekend Update," the first part of the program was dominated by jokes about Trump's numerous legal issues and peculiar actions during the campaign. A clip of Trump calling someone "de-bank" during a campaign speech was shown by anchor Colin Jost. Jost remarked, "I don't know what de-bank means, but he might have to take de-ambulance to see de-doctor."

The Oscar nominations this week and the accomplishments of the nominees from underrepresented backgrounds constituted the other overarching theme of the fake newscast segment. Bowen Yang, a frequent performer on "SNL," portrayed a movie buff named Ethan, who stopped by the set to announce a brand-new awards program called "The Ethans." At one point, Yang's Ethan alluded to the speech Niecy Nash-Betts, the winner, gave on January 15 at the Emmy Awards.

Yang's Ethan gave a dramatic speech that began, "I want to thank me for believing in me," but Jost quickly pointed out that he was parodying Nash-Betts' instantly memorable acceptance speech. "Go girl, be your fierce self. You carried that out," Ethan went on.

Towards the end of the show, "Shark Tank" judges Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban made two more unexpected appearances. In one, Johnson was depicted as a scathing member of a women's book club. Johnson portrayed a sarcastic woman who was determined to start a business selling T-shirts with the flowery phrase "I'm Okay" at the top. As is customary on "Shark Tank," Corcoran entered toward the end of the sketch to offer Johnson's character a deal to take a share of the company. The other members of the book club were shocked when Cuban followed Corcoran and made her an offer of $1 million.

Since making his debut on "SNL's" stage alongside Nsync in 2000, Timberlake has appeared musically on the show seven times. The seasoned hitmaker is set to launch a new album, "Everything I Thought It Was," on March 15 through RCA Records. Additionally, he is set to set off on the Forget Tomorrow global tour, which kicks off in Vancouver on April 29.

The first song Timberlake performed was "Sanctified," which featured a small, elaborately costumed choir backing a rap by Tobe Nwigwe. On the other hand, Timberlake's second song, "Selfish," featured a piano and drums-only arrangement.

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