An overview of the AI series starring Maria Ressa

Professor Mike Wooldridge and Nobel laureate Maria Ressa discuss AI: where it's headed and how it got here.

Feb 5, 2024 - 04:44
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An overview of the AI series starring Maria Ressa

The CEO of Rappler, Maria Ressa, discusses the potential and risks of artificial intelligence with computer scientist Professor Mike Wooldridge in the opening segment of this special series on the topic.

Ressa won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work fighting misinformation online and conducting investigative journalism in the Philippines, which exposed the threats social media poses to democracy around the world.

Mike Wooldridge, the author of A Brief History of AI, is an Oxford University computer science professor and the director of the Alan Turing Institute's Foundational AI Research.

What exactly is AI, and is it a danger to our survival?

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