Football player Kyle Walker apologizes to his wife in an interview after having children with a well-known model.

By 2020, when Lauryn Goodman gave birth to their son, Walker, 33, and Annie Kilner were already parents to three children.

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Football player Kyle Walker apologizes to his wife in an interview after having children with a well-known model.

Following the news that he had fathered a second child with model Lauryn Goodman, England defender Kyle Walker expressed regret to his wife Annie Kilner.

When Goodman gave birth to their son in 2020, Walker, 33, and Kilner already had three children together.

The England international stated to The Sun that it was time for him to take responsibility for his errors.

He is currently expecting their fourth child with his wife Kilner.

The defender for Manchester City said, "What I've done is horrible, and I take full responsibility," to The Sun.

"I made a lot of stupid decisions. I have no idea what Annie is going through, not even close. I've attempted to ask her, but it hurts and hurts.

"I am the only one at fault. I'm conscious of my roles and responsibilities, and I've made poor decisions. However, I owe it to everyone to accept responsibility for my errors.

Annie Kilner (right) supporting her husband Kyle Walker at an England game (PA)

According to the newspaper, Walker's wife learned of his second child with Goodman through a message the model sent her on Instagram.

He continued by telling the newspaper that he almost quit Manchester City due to the scandal. He said, "I attempted to flee." "Did I wish to go from the City? Obviously, I didn't. Right now, we are the greatest team on the planet. However, it was an opportunity to escape England and the media that I would be exposed to. I knew the time was running out. I was on the verge of moving. We were exchanging ideas. I was heading to a huge, fantastic club.

But in the end, I was unable to go. If this occurs while I'm in Germany, Annie leaves, leaving me on my own. I wouldn't be able to see my kids around the corner. Although there is currently suffering and emotion, I can still go home, drop the kids off at school, and take my little boy to football.

The Manchester City player had to issue an apology in 2020 after it was widely reported that he had hosted a party at his Cheshire home against the country's lockdown regulations.

The 30-year-old would face a "internal disciplinary procedure," the club promised.

"At that moment, I think back on my choices," he said to BBC Radio 5 Live. "I made poor choices at a crucial juncture for the nation and the global community." Although I accept full responsibility for it, I'm now moving on.

Kilner and Walker are reportedly spending some time apart, according to The Sun.

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