Moderna preparing to launch potential vaccine, J&J to conduct tests among teens

Moderna preparing to launch potential vaccine, J&J to conduct tests among teens. Moderna Inc is “actively” preparing to launch its potential coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273. In the interim, Johnson and Johnson is wanting to start testing its experimental Covid-19 vaccine among those aged 12 to 18 as quickly as time permits. Also, India announced on Friday that it will assist all countries with vaccine and storage capacity.

Here are the latest updates on the coronavirus vaccine:

Moderna preparing to launch potential Covid-19 vaccine

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel has said in a press release that the pharmaceutical company is preparing to launch its potential coronavirus vaccine mRNA-1273.

“We are actively preparing for the launch of mRNA-1273 and we have signed a number of supply agreements with governments around the world,” Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel was quoted by reports as saying in a press release on Thursday.

The company has received $1.1 billion in customer deposits for the shots during the third quarter, the company said.

Last week, Moderna had completed enrollment for its 30,000-participant late-stage trial. Till then, more than 25,650 participants had received the second of the company’s two-portion Covid-19 vaccine. A report in CNBC had quoted Moderna as saying that about 37 per cent of the participants were from assorted communities and 42 per cent were at high risk of severe disease.

Moderna Inc had told Reuters that it would seek emergency FDA authorisation to use its vaccine in high-risk groups if an interim assessment of its trial showed its vaccine was at least 70 per cent effective.

Johnson and Johnson plans to test Covid-19 vaccine in ages 12-18

According to a Reuters report, Johnson and Johnson is intending to start testing its experimental Covid-19 vaccine among those aged between 12 and 18 as quickly as time permits. The company’s previous experience with a similar technology in a vaccine effectively used in children could surrender it a leg with regulators, it said.

“We intend to go into children when we possibly can, but very carefully in terms of safety,” Johnson and Johnson’s Dr. Jerry Sadoff quoted as saying on Friday.

In a statement earlier, Johnson and Johnson had said that it is currently in discussions with regulators and partners regarding the inclusion of the pediatric population in its trials.

In the interim, drugmaker Pfizer Inc has already begun testing the Covid-19 vaccine, it is developing in partnership with Germany’s BioNTech, among children as youthful as 12. Their vaccine uses messenger RNA (mRNA), another technology that still can’t seem to produce an approved vaccine.

May know about Covid vaccine in 3 months, says us disease expert

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious diseases expert, said on Thursday, “If all goes well, the first dosages of a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine will probably become available to some high-risk Americans in late December or early January”.

Based on current projections from vaccine front-runners Moderna Inc and Pfizer Inc, Americans will probably know “sometime in December whether or not we have a safe and effective vaccine,” Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was quoted by Reuters as saying in a live chat on Twitter and Facebook.

“The first interim glance (at trial results) ought to be, we hope, within the next scarcely any weeks,” he said.

Covid-19 vaccination drive in India

Government of India has asked states to constitute committees for coordination and overseeing Covid-19 vaccination drive while guaranteeing insignificant disruptions in other routine healthcare services. These committees will also carry out stressed early tracking of social media to scatter gossipy tidbits which could impact the community acceptance of coronavirus inoculation.

Stating that Covid-19 vaccine introduction will length over a year with multiple groups being included “sequentially starting from health care workers”, the Health Ministry has sought constitution of committees at the state and district levels which will review preparatory activities in terms of cold chain preparedness, operational arranging, strategies for state-explicit challenges in terms of topographical terrain and hard-to-reach areas, etc.

Australia to spend on Covid vaccines for wider region

Australia has announced it will spend 500 million Australian dollars ($351 million) to secure coronavirus vaccines for the Pacific and Southeast Asia “as part of a shared recovery for our region from the pandemic”, another report in the AP said. The government was quoted as saying that it would use a scope of advance buy agreements with manufacturers through the global COVAX Facility plan, which means to ensure Covid-19 vaccines are shared with all nations.

“We are committing an additional AU$500 million over three years towards this effort…A fast, safe vaccine rollout … will mean we are able to return to more normal travel, tourism and trade with our critical partners in the region,” the Australian government was quoted as saying.

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