Docsun officially enters Joint key Innovation for early disease detection.

Docsun officially enter in Joint Key Innovation for early disease detection for Airborne disease such Covid-19 and Ebola with Dr. Wayne Huang from Show Chwan Hospital.

Docsun Computation Medla with its advance development in Taiwan and  research lab in Boston, Massachusetts.  the computation AI startup aims high and is humble to learn new things and the way to scale their growth along with understanding the norms of the medical industry. As fascinating as the Startup’s implementing Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare feels, the result can help save many lives and upgrade the existing system.

Especially during this crisis caused by the pandemic, Healthcare startups have gained prominence and are being recognized for the problems they intend to solve. Startups across the World have been taking innovative approaches to tackle the new kind of problems that have surfaced this year due to the Covid-19 and are keen to employ technology to develop efficient systems to be future-ready and ensure the Public Healthcare is at its best. Docsun’s work includes early disease detection using AI. The startup has recently collaborated with Medical Universities and Hospitals to test their algorithm and understand the real-life employability of the same. The highlight is the real-time capability of the system to detect Airborne diseases as well as the already infected individuals thereby saving time and is also cost-effective too.

“Using Artificial Intelligence to ensure a real-time combat against Covid-19 will soon happen and will be efficient too”, said Ted Huang, President, Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory.

Docsun expects to have a prototype of DC1 Terminal gateway that can detect infections within seconds that could be installed in public places such as Airports, Railway stations, Malls, Residential Complexes, etc. A dynamic change in everyday life is required for safer mobility that everyone does every day. There have also been positive results so far in the trials that are being carried out in various collaborations.

Docsun Clinical AI Laboratory consists of people with expertise across various technical fields such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Internet of things, who have come together to bring out a medical precision system that can provide reliable results and also guide the healthcare professionals to administer the right treatment.

The Docsun Computation Medlab understand how the product can reach the people to support the public infrastructure in hope the fight again airborne diseases.

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