Docsun Computation Medlab sign MoU to advance studies on Lung Cancer Detection using Artificial Intelligence

Taiwan-based Docsun Computation Medlab and with a research center in Boston Massachusetts has signed MOU with China Medical University and Show Chwan Memorial Hospital to research and study the detection of Lung Cancer using Artificial Intelligence.

Docsun Computation Medlab  is actively invested in the early detection on airborne  diseases such as Coronavirus, RSV, Pneumonia and MERS-CoV using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. The Docsun Computation Medlab  has been selected among 11 start-ups by  the New Taipei City AWS Joint Innovation Center.  

In the latest development, the laboratory has collaborated with Taiwan’s Show Chwan Memorial Hospital and China Medical University to research and develop its latest detection system that primarily aims to detect airborne diseases.   The key objective behind the MoU is to collaborate and conduct research in virology, bacteriology, pharmacology, biomedical nanotechnology, and understand administering preventive medicine.

Detection in early disease plays a vital role in saving millions of lives each year.   In most cases, the examinations are usually suggested only after the primary stage which would make the case complicated. Early detection ensures better treatment procedures and higher chances of recovery and survival.   This is the key objective Docsun Computation Medlab and its Boston Research Center are addressing and with this MOU for collaboration research is one among those many steppingstones to ensure faster and early detection of disease and other infectious like Covid-19 as well.  “said Mr. Ted Huang, President of Docsun Computation Medlab”

The technology experts’ team from Docsun Computation Medlab will study and research the data procured from both Hospitals.   Direct interaction with patients and also analysing raw data will give the experts from Docsun an edge to understand the ground report.

Docsun’s Data scientists hope to have a better understanding of the anatomical changes in patients. The team at Docsun Computation Medlab will make changes in the existing algorithm to behave alongside with current airborne disease and develop the system to detect the infection at the earliest.

The need for early detections of diseases and infections which accelerated due to the rising Covid-19 cases across the globe. The work of early detection and medical precision technology gained importance in the past two quarters.  The pandemic and develop early detection systems. Conventional diagnosis techniques used in the medical industry to develop more advanced and precise detection systems toward address not just the current crisis but also the future of the Healthcare industry.

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